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The WOWW Campaign podcast is a bilingual platform, in English & Spanish, that inspires women through weekly life lessons and interviews with female leaders. El podcast de la Campaña WOWW es una plataforma bilingüe, en español e ingles, enfocada en inspirar a mujeres a través de lecciones de la vida y entrevistas con emprendedoras.
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Sep 27, 2017
Previous RelationshipsWhen I began reflecting on my previous relationships, I noticed a pattern: I was always unhappy with something (anything) they did. Often, these traits were minimal and didn't matter in the long run. In the moment, they were sensationalized and exasperated. But once the relationship ended, I could hardly remember the cause of those insignificant fights that over time, had a lasting impact on the tone of the relationship. The dysfunctional dynamic that often permeated throughout most of my relationships existed because that's how I felt about myself. Internally, I always felt confused, uncertain, and fearful, so I sought confirmation of my internal condition. One of the lessons my previous relationships left behind was the realization that I needed to be happy with myself first. I learned to not only recognize, but also heal the wounds that were causing me to seek chaos and dysfunction. I wanted my partner to exhibit empathy, compassion and love, but I was incapable of giving those things to myself, so how could I receive what I wasn't able to give? In this week's Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode, I talk about how I learned that the happier I was as a person, the happier we both would be in the relationship. In my upcoming book, I go into greater detail about why this became one of the greatest lessons I learned and how it constantly showed up in all of my relationships. I hope this week's podcast episode inspires all of those in a relationship to seek truth and humility because self-awareness can be painful and complicated. However, the rewards beneath these epiphanies can change the dynamic of the relationship we have with others, and most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves.
Sep 26, 2017
Almost 30 Podcast Founders Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams are the hosts and founders of Almost 30 Podcast. These inspiring ladies first became friends before becoming business partners. Today, they host and publish weekly episodes on the Almost 30 podcast to inspire, motivate and entertain women in their 20s and 30s. Their episodes range in topic, but always leave you contemplating various subject matters from nutrition, to dynamics within personal relationships. In this interview, Krista and Lindsey discuss the importance of personal development and how they each make that a priority in their lives. They describe tangible actions in their daily routine that are aimed at created a greater peace-of-mind or enhancing personal growth in some way. We discuss the importance of meditation, setting personal boundaries, relationship advice, and the impact childhood dynamics has on our lives later on. As their Almost 30 audience has grown, so have these lovely ladies, which is why they continue to create and share valuable insight that helps and inspires other people. Links to their website can be found below, as well as their social media pages that allows you to get to know them, and become a part of the Almost 30 Nation {official name given to their audience}.
Sep 20, 2017
How You Fight Matters This week's Words of Wisdom Wednesday is about a chapter in my upcoming book about the lessons my exes left behind. I've learned that how you fight matters because conflict between two people is inevitable. Your significant other is going to make you upset and if he/she hasn't yet, just wait. We're human; we all get upset, annoyed, and hurt, but how we handle those circumstances makes all the difference. I've been in relationships where my ex fought to keep us together; his intention was always to find a solution, even though that sometimes meant a professional therapist telling us we should split up. On the other hand, I've also been in relationships with men who didn't know how to solve an emotional-related situation. Everything doesn't have to be a long-winded discussion, but when problems arise, it's important that there's a meeting point. How you get to that point is what matters the most. I've had exes that "got over it" but never addressed their reactions, leading me to believe they had resolved everything internally. Wrong.  Two people are in a relationship, and therefore two people have to be part of the solution. Pretending an issue didn't happen or doesn't exist only surpasses emotions even more. The problem with not having the right techniques during an argument is that you're more likely to repeat old patterns. And unfortunately, old patterns usually lead to an inconclusive end, unless two people have an open conversation about what went wrong/right the time before. This lesson hasn't been an easy one to absorb until I began to develop my own set of skills during times of conflict. In this podcast episode, I give examples of previous relationships that taught me how important fighting techniques can be. Today, it's one of the characteristics I look for the most because I know that a fight is inevitable at some point. I want to know how my partner fights, and I prefer that he has the courage to confront conflict because doing that is much harder than avoiding it altogether.
Sep 18, 2017
Aija MayrockAija Mayrock is an activist and the author of The Survival Guide to BullyingThe bullying she experienced in school began when another girl decided to dress up as Aija for Halloween. In this interview, Aija talks about the tools she later implemented to help with the short and long-term consequences that bullying had on her mental well-being and self-esteem. The Survival Guide to Bullying was written with the intention of creating something she wish existed as she was navigating being bullied in school. At first, Aija Mayrock self-published her book, but later sold the publishing rights to Scholastic. The tenacity Aija demonstrated throughout this process is admirable and shows that perseverance plays a major role in our survival, both in our personal and professional life. In this podcast episode, you'll hear Aija and I talk about some of the things we wish we knew at the time of our experience that we know now, after analyzing the actions and impact they had in general. Bullying is already a terrible experience to have as an adolescent, but it can feel more overwhelming without a supportive individual or group of people surrounding you. I hope that Aija's story serve as inspiration for those that are going through a similar experience or have overcome bullying in their life. Sometimes, the consequences that negative experiences have on our life can be subliminal and manifest in ways that don't directly signal an issue with the past. Because of this, it's important that we provide ourselves with some introspection and become inquisitive about moments we've either suppressed or hid from the public. Please know that if anything is affecting your mental health and/or will to live, there are resources and people that want to help. Below are a list of resources that I invite you to use or share with someone you know needs help.
  • Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying
  • 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4% of the time
  • 1 in 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying

Sep 16, 2017
El Tiempo No Cura Las Heridas Cómo muchos sabrán, estoy escribiendo un libro sobre las lecciones que dejaron mis ex novios porque a través de nuestras relaciones personales es donde mas aprendemos y crecemos como seres humanos. En las siguiente 6 semanas, estaré hablando sobre varios mensajes que estarán en mi libro. Hoy quiero platicarles sobre la famosa medicina que dicen cura todas las heridas: el tiempo. Lo que he descubierto por mis experiencias, es que eso no es cierto. El tiempo no cura las heridas. Lo que ayuda a sanar son las experiencias positivas que suceden después de que se termina una relación. En este episodio doy dos distintas relaciones como ejemplo para explicar este concepto. El primer ejemplo incluye una relación larga, mientras que en el segundo ejemplo incluyo lo opuesto. Lo ironico de estas situaciones fue que al finalizar mi relación con mi ex de varios años, me sentí "curada" a los pocos meses porque las experiencias que tuve estando en  la relación no fueron tan satisfactorias como las que tuve después. Ver que la vida no solo seguía, pero aumentó en calidad, hizo darme cuenta que mis heridas estaban siendo curadas. En mi experiencia, también aprendí que no es bueno terminar una relación por una sola discusión porque con el tiempo, uno se da cuenta que las experiencias positivas son difíciles de reemplazar, lo cual la medicina del tiempo tampoco puede curar. Si les gustó este mensaje, por favor compartan el episodio con otras personas. ¿Me encantaría saber si están de acuerdo y piensan que el tiempo no cura las heridas? También invito que dejen sus comentarios y sugerencias en nuestras redes sociales ya sea en Facebook, Instagram o Twitter.
Sep 15, 2017
Polina Montano Polina Montano is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Job Today. Polina Montano is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, but now based in Barcelona, Spain. She is a successful woman in technology who started her career in retail where she worked for one of the largest oil companies in the world. In this interview, you'll hear Polina discuss how her passion for people has translated into her career and the role that plays in her life today. She's fascinated by human behavior and providing something valuable for those searching for a job, regardless of where they are in the world, which is her key function at Job Today. At the age of 18, Polina Montano left her home in Russia for an internship in Amsterdam. This opportunity began to change her perspective about the types of possibilities that she could potentially be privy to, making her hungry for more knowledge and eventually, various goals that would manifest in different ways. Polina is a woman in technology whose story will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. She was a delight to interview because of her consistent positive perspective about all topics discussed, ranging from raising children as an entrepreneur, to her need to discover the world through people.
Sep 13, 2017
Time Doesn't Heal, Experiences Do Happy Words of Wisdom Wednesday! As some of y'all know, I'm writing a book about the lessons my exes left behind because I believe there's a tremendous amount of wisdom in our relationships with other people, especially those we date. By nature, I'm extremely analytical and critical, especially of myself. Analyzing situations and reflecting on what went wrong, right, and everything in between, helps me understand myself better and implement changes in my mindset and/or behavior that are meant to leave a positive footprint in my path. Personal development is extremely important to me because if I don't feel that I'm moving forward {emotionally}, anxiety and uncertainty flood by brain like a tsunami. Today's message is regarding whether or not "timing" is actually medicine for the broken hearted. Does time heal all wounds? Well, in my experience, I don't think time plays a role. In fact, I think it's a phrase people say to avoid having in-depth conversations about a current situation. What I've learned is that experiences heal us, not timing. Whether we date someone for 6 months or 6 years, the experiences we have once the relationship is over are what matter most. If the relationship of 6 years became more of a routine with little physical, verbal, or emotional connection, it's likely that when it's over, any experience you have is going to feel better than the actual relationship. However, the opposite is likely to happen too. If a short relationship ends abruptly because of a fight, but overall you felt a deeper connection, it's difficult to replace those loving experiences and therefore, you may feel sad for longer than you'd like. In today's episode, I talk about two different relationships that describe the above scenario which taught me that experiences are really the medicine we need. The new experiences don't have to include a new relationship, but rather feelings of fulfillment and joy. The more happiness we feel afterwards, the easier it is to heal and often, we can achieve this by ourselves without having to jump into another romantic relationship. I'd love to hear what you thought of today's message! Please leave any feedback in the comments below or on our Instagram or Facebook pages.
Sep 13, 2017
Your intuition is your BFF Although many of you would describe me as a "confident" woman, I haven't always been this way. I've lived with a sense of self-doubt all of my life. In fact, I encourage all of you to listen to the first episode of The WOWW Campaign Podcast where you'll notice that I verbally hesitate to get my point across. It used to take me 37 drafts {or at least it felt like it} to finally say what it was I was feeling in my heart. In today's podcast episode, I talk about the importance of following your intuition because this is the foundation of our self-esteem and eventually, our self-worth. You have to trust yourself even when those on the outside disagree. You have to feel conviction towards your thoughts and emotions, otherwise you'll live in a constant state of doubt and instability. I'm not a psychologist or medical professional by any means, but I love to analyze situations and pick them apart because it helps me understand how everything comes together. As a child, if you're feeling sad or lonely and someone dismisses what you're experiencing, this can make you wonder if what you're living is real or not. That's what happened to me and one of the reasons I believe I dismissed my intuition for so long. In fact, I still do but it's less and less now {thank goodness!}. In episode 000 of The WOWW Campaign Podcast, I describe some of the life events that had a tremendous impact on my life. When a close family friend committed suicide, I remember feeling extreme confusion and not being able to navigate the state of grief I was in. I could barely articulate the series of events let alone the emotions I was experiencing as a result of this loss. He was like a father figure in my life. He taught me how to drive, play poker, attended all of my school functions, told me to stay away from boys when I grew up, and introduced me to football and the Green Bay Packers. He was a constant paternal figure so it came as no surprise to me that when he was no longer around, sadness overwhelmed every minute of my life. What I vividly remember is no one talking about his suicide or the emotions we were all experiencing through mourning his loss. As an adolescent, I remember feeling in every fiber of my body that there was something wrong with this picture, but I didn't have the "credentials" or maturity level to prove it. My intuition told me that pretending like nothing had happened wasn't the best coping mechanism, yet that's what I did because I lacked guidance to do otherwise. When my grandmother passed away two years ago, I found letters I had written explaining what I was experiencing and how I wished that people would ask me about my sadness. It was shocking to see my intuition in-writing because today, everything I do is centered around vulnerability and moving through challenging circumstances. There it was in black and white, a young girl's intuition guiding her towards the appropriate way to cope with an extremely difficult circumstance. But at that age, I thought I was crazy for making these observations because I waited for an adult to validate them. Your intuition is you best friend {forever} and a valuable tool you have the ability to tap into anytime you'd like. It's the captain of your life and many times, the founder of creativity. I started WOWW Campaign based on my intuition and continue to contact women all over the world for interviews because something inside me screams telling me to keep going and try harder. I {gladly} blame my intuition for wanting to change the world and am convinced that most of the answers we seek reside in this place as well.
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Sep 12, 2017
Dominique Broadway Dominique Broadway is a personal finance expert, woman of faith, entrepreneur, woman in tech, and overall positive human being. In this interview, she shares how she's always been interested in finances and starting profitable businesses. Early in her life, she realized that those who had access to valuable financial education were people that relied on investable wealth. Dominique discusses how becoming aware of the need to educate people about their financial future changed the course of her professional career and ignited the passion you see today. She believes that it's important to have conversations about financial topics before you acquire your desired income in order to make wiser investments in the future. Dominique Broadway has always been an entrepreneur who has made her "will to try" more important than her fear to fail. Dominique mentions that it's not failure she fears, but rather, she fears living a life of regret. She doesn't want the years in the past to be full of regretful memories, which is why you see her taking action when it comes to her professional life. Today, Dominique is not only a personal finance expert, she's also a woman in tech. As a member of a technology incubator, Dominque discusses her observations and experiences in this environment, which she plans to use one day as a resource to give back to those with limited access, such as minority women. This interview is an uplifting conversation with a woman who sees opportunity in all areas of her life and isn't afraid to lean into a challenge that could lead to a better future. Enjoy the interview between WOWW Campaign and Dominque Broadway!
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Sep 9, 2017
  Tu Intuición Es Tu Mejor AmigaTu intuición es ese sentimiento que no se te quita del cuerpo o la mente. Es una guía que siempre está con nosotros y nos conoce mejor que cualquier persona. Todo ser humano es diferente y por esa razón, también procesamos cosas de muchas formas. Pero lo que distingue los pasos que debemos de tomar es nuestra intuición; el sentimiento que nos advierte de peligro y nos anima hacia nuestro destino. En este episodio les comparto algo muy personal que me sucedió de pequeña y después me demostró de adulta que siempre supe distinguir entre bueno y malo. Al no escuchar mi intuición o validar lo que sentía de niña, de adulta causó problemas con mi autoconocimiento porque tuve que aprender a no dudar de mi misma. Tomar acción en mi vida a veces me costaba mucho trabajo porque dudaba de mis propias habilidades y mi propia intuición. Les comparto lo que superé porque quiero inspirarlos a evaluar como han silenciado esa voz que siempre tiene mas sabiduría que cualquier libro o sugerencia. Tu intuición es algo que debes practicar porque escucharlo una sola vez no es suficiente. Es importante tomar inventario de todas las veces que hemos estado cerca de peligro pero por el sentimiento que nos guió, pudimos salir de cuya situación. También es importante reconocer como nuestro destino se ha desenvuelto por nuestra intuición. Las decisiones que tomamos sin una explicación detallada también se debe al poder que todos tenemos adentro de nosotros al poder descifrar sin palabras lo que la vida quiere que hagamos con nuestro futuro.
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Sep 8, 2017
Paula Celestino Exciting News: WOWW Campaign now has a *secret* Facebook group that was created to bring women together from all over the world. In this group, only members will be able to submit questions {English & Spanish} for future podcast guests! All women are invited to join the WOWW Group on Facebook. My goal is to make this a space where women can be vulnerable and/or provide inspiration for others through quotes, stories and life lessons. Over time, I will be working on providing special promotions exclusively to WOWW Group members as I partner with brands and companies. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
Paula Celestino is today's WOWW Campaign podcast guest. She is the Co-Founder of Crea7ive Interactive Advertising. Crea7ive's portfolio includes global brands such as Wendy's and Kraft. Paula and her sister are both sources of inspiration not only for what they've accomplished professionally, but also what they've had to endure in their personal lives. In this conversation with Paula, she shares what it was initially like to be an immigrant in the United States after having to leave her native country, Argentina. Paula and her family came to the United States after economic circumstances led to them losing everything and being forced to start over in a country they saw as a land of opportunity. Paula's sister always showed interest in technology, which eventually became the catalyst for their business. When Paula's father became ill and they were unable to pay for the medical care, Paula's mother offered the physician a website for his practice in exchange for medical services. That was the beginning of Crea7ive and as Paula said: "the rest is history." Paula shares the emotional experience behind assimilating to a new culture and creating opportunities that would give her and her family a better life. In this conversation, we discuss the impact that today's political climate has on immigrants and children of immigrants in order to shed light on the mindset that many people bring when they decide to leave their native countries. This was important for me to discuss not only because I'm first-generation American born, but also because of the constant debate surrounding immigration policy. Before coming up with solutions, it's important that we understand the impact of reforms and laws, and how this has the ability to cripple entire generations and most importantly, the future. We have to constantly look forward, which includes analyzing how today's choices will be tomorrow's consequences. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but I believe that sharing stories such as Paula Celestino's is a start in the right direction.
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Sep 7, 2017
Conferencia Wild El 19 de agosto, Ella Plena tuvo un evento, "Conferencia Wild," en la ciudad capital de Guatemala donde mujeres y conferencistas se reunieron por un solo propósito: para enfocarse en el desarrollo personal. Este evento estuvo lleno de inspiración gracias a conferencistas que compartieron sus historias y experiencias espirituales. A través de sus testimonios y vulnerabilidad, me sentí motivada para seguir con mi visión de unir a las mujeres por medio de entrevistas inspiradoras y los segmentos de #SábadoSabio. La Conferencia Wild hizo un excelente trabajo al traer mujeres con objetivos similares. La energía y fe durante la conferencia no dejó de iluminar nuestros corazones y abrir nuestras perspectivas hacia lo que es posible con esfuerzo y dedicación. El poder de la mente y la importancia de seguir desarrollando varios aspectos de nosotras, conforme entramos a distintas etapas de nuestras vidas, fue el mensaje principal de la Conferencia Wild. En la conferencia, nos recordaron que ya tenemos las características y potencial de ir detrás de nuestras metas, pero siempre con el corazón abierto, dispuestas a aprender de nuevas circunstancias y asimilar lo que la vida nos está proponiendo. Ya sea dejar ir relaciones negativas o enfrentar nuevas propuestas de trabajo, es importante ser flexible y tener fe que todo lo que nos pasa, pasa por nuestro bien. En este episodio del podcast, van a escuchar a varias mujeres terminar la frase: "Ojalá hubiera sabido..." Esta pregunta la he hecho en inglés durante la conferencia de SXSW, pero jamás la había hecho en español, hasta ahora durante la Conferencia Wild. Fue un honor poder conocer a tantas mujeres luchadoras y trabajadores que estuvieron dispuestas a grabar sus testimonios para poder inspirar a las demás. Las respuestas que les comparto el día de hoy son una indicación que la felicidad y vida en general varea mucho entre personas porque cada quien absorbe lecciones y experiencias a su manera. Espero que encuentren inspiración en estos fragmentos de sonido que grabe en el evento. Compartir lo que hemos aprendido de la vida y las circunstancias que hemos superado es un símbolo de valor y fortaleza, así que mil gracias por apoyar la misión de la Campaña WOWW. Por favor dejen sus comentarios y lo que ustedes han aprendido en la parte baja de este artículo. Me encanta conocer a mi audiencia y saber que los episodios están ayudando de alguna u otra forma. Muchísimas gracias por todo su apoyo!
Sep 6, 2017

It All Starts With Self-Awareness The relationships in my life have been a source of inspiration and have also led to personal transformative moments full of positive changes. However, it all began with self-awareness and acknowledging that before changes could take place, I had to awaken to the idea that things were not perfect, including myself. Many people ask: "what is self-awareness?" I describe this notion as a state-of-mind that's constantly seeking truth. I knew I had encountered this mindset when the same questions kept reappearing in different scenarios. After the end of my last relationship, I became curious about the demise of that dynamic. Understanding how all the pieces fit together helped me heal because the truth was the only thing I felt could set me free from the heartache I was experiencing. Self-awareness can lead to beautiful discoveries and life altering moments, but it comes with a price. I had to be willing to address the wounds I was previously suppressing due to years of ignorance. My ignorance came from a place of pain as well. Because sadness and fear were too overwhelming for me to deal with, I learned to autocorrect these emotions by hiding anything that could enhance my anxiety. Of course, I had no idea I was doing this. According to me, I was "living my life" and simply had an overreactive way of being that was never going to go away. As I became self-aware of my trigger points, I began to correlate these reactions with circumstances that brought out the same negative emotions, time and time again. This "way of being" became a pattern in all of my relationships, until I could no longer suppress the issues that were going on beneath the surface. My survival depended on my self-awareness because I was certain that if I continued to live the way I had been, I'd end up being my own biggest heartbreaker. The book I'm writing about the lessons my exes left behind will include many revelations that became the catalyst for my personal transformation. Over the next 6 weeks, I'll be discussing a different lesson during each Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode. This book has been a labor of love because every time I write, I'm forced to look at the woman I was, which can be a painful task at times. If you'd like to be notified of the book launch, use this form and we'll send you an email when the book is available for purchase. As I mentioned in the intro of this episode, THANK YOU for supporting WOWW Campaign and allowing us to now be heard in 57 different countries. I couldn't do this without a supportive audience that believes in vulnerability and constantly striving for more personal development. Thank you so much for allowing my vision to become a reality!


Sep 4, 2017
Kristina Yeo Kristina Yeo is a model and mental health activist. I found Kristina through social media when her posts about mental health illnesses began to catch my attention. She spoke openly and honestly about the importance of breaking the stigma behind depression and anxiety. In this conversation, you'll hear Kristina's personal experiences with mental health and the circumstances that aided a recovery plan. Mourning the loss of her grandparents and ending a toxic relationship played a vital role in Kristina's life because in both situations, discovery and underlying issues became the foundation on which she was later able to build upon. Dealing with mental health looks different on everyone, but the common denominator is the existence of the illness, itself. One of the most difficult things is talking openly about what we're experiencing because of the shame associated with these emotions and state-of-being. Breaking the stigma has become Kristina Yeo's mission. Kristina mentions that as your audience and platform grow, it often opens up the door to more criticism and external pressure. Because of this, it's essential that our mental health become a priority. Focusing on strengthening this aspect of ourselves becomes part of our survival kit so that our stability doesn't vary with the opinions of other people. Kristina Yeo is an inspirational and courageous woman who's level of empathy and compassion towards others has exponentially increased as a result of her own life. It was an honor to talk to Kristina and openly talk about topics that have always been near and dear to my heart due to my own personal story. Thank you Kristina for sharing your story with WOWW Campaign and inspiring women across the world. Kristina Yeo Instagram: @krisyeo "FEMALE is my greatest asset" Collection "Unstoppable" Collection {{LISTEN TO THE WOWW CAMPAIGN PODCAST ON ITUNES}}
Sep 2, 2017
"La Felicidad Requiere Esfuerzo" es el mensaje de este #SábadoSabio. Por mucho tiempo, pensé que la felicidad era algo que de repente venía sin mayor esfuerzo. Siempre dormía con el pensamiento de que al siguiente día o despertaba feliz, o deseaba ser feliz nuevamente. Al fin me di cuenta que ser feliz requiere constante esfuerzo de nuestra parte. Muchas circunstancia son inevitables como el divorcio, la perdida de un ser querido, perdida de empleo, etc. Como reaccionamos en estas situaciones hace toda la diferencia del mundo. O decidimos buscar el lado positivo, o el rencor y enojo toma poder de nuestras mentes haciendo que suframos mas de lo necesario. En cada momento podemos decidir ir hacia la luz - la luz que ilumina de lecciones y esperanza. La felicidad requiere que formemos hábitos en nuestra vida que nos llena y hace que sigamos adelante. Para mi, eso significó leer mensajes positivos antes de empezar mi trabajo laboral. La meditación, oración, y sentido de comunidad me trae felicidad pero si dejo de hacer estas cosas, siento una gran diferencia en mi salud mental. Hoy les quiero recordar que si quieren la felicidad, tienen que poner de su parte para conseguirla. Empiecen a tomar inventario de las cosas que hacen que sus días se iluminen así siguen incorporando eso mas seguido. Si el mensaje de hoy los ayudo de alguna forma, por favor dejen sus comentarios. Me encanta saber de ustedes y conocer a mi audiencia. Es con mucha alegría que les comparto la noticia que el podcast de la Campaña WOWW está en 57 países y ha sido escuchado mas de 4,500 veces en menos de 6 meses. Muchas gracias por apoyar nuestra misión y compartir la vision con sus seres queridos - estoy infinitamente agradecida!
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Sep 1, 2017
Jessica Rodriguez is a business and visibility strategist, and also the founder and host of #DayDreamAchievers podcast. I knew I had to interview Jessica after I read her email detailing what her life had been thus far and the lessons she had learned along the way. I was in the middle of a workout when her email came through, which literally made me stop and gasp for air many times due to the vulnerability expressed in her writing. In this conversation, you'll hear about Jessica's personal battle with a mental health illness that began long before she became an entrepreneur. However, as in most cases, we can not address what we suppress. It wasn't until Jessica found herself in challenging circumstances that she was able to discover the root of the chaos that later turned into her passion. She experienced financial and emotional hardship that forced her to evaluate why she was in circumstances that were only serving to bring more anxiety and stress rather than happiness. Depression and anxiety are topics dear to my heart because of my own personal lifelong struggles, so I appreciate Jessica's willingness to be vulnerable and raw in order to help and inspire other people that may be going through a similar scenario. There's a plethora of inspiration in this conversation with Jessica Rodriguez that will hopefully cause you to lean into self-awareness and explore your own struggles in a way that's inquisitive and for the purpose of better serving yourself and other people around you. Link to Jessica Rodriguez's Website: Link to Interview between Joy Pecoraro & Jessica Rodriguez on #DAYDREAMACHIEVERS Podcast: Link to WOWW Shop: Link to "FEMALE is my greatest asset" Collection: Link to "Unstoppable" Collection: